Born and raised in San Bernardino, California, where the backdrop of adversity shaped my lens on life. I learned resilience early on, drawing strength from my Christian faith.

Photography found me during my teenage years, offering a creative outlet amidst the chaos. Sports became not only a pastime but also a metaphor for life, teaching me teamwork, perseverance, and determination. Whether I was on the field or behind the lens, I embraced the challenge, knowing that every moment held the potential for greatness.

But above all, it was my unwavering faith in Christ that guided me through the darkest times and illuminated my path with hope and purpose. In every photograph I captured, I sought to reflect the grace and love that had transformed my life.

I see how every trial and triumph has shaped me into the person I am—a storyteller, an adventurer, and a disciple of Christ. Through the lens of faith, I continue to capture the beauty of the world and share the message of hope that has sustained me through it all.